New Registrations - Step by Step

Registering is simple and easy!
1. Please download the app and add in your details (please choose a password minimum 8 characters long).
If you do not have a phone that you can download the application on then you can log on through the internet here:
2. Once you have logged in,
press on the account icon in the left hand corner to set up the rest of your account.  


3. This will take you to your profile and from here you can access your family account. 


4. From here you need to add family account for your child/children: (please note when booking you always need to be in your child's account)


5. Go back to the profile screen and click payments. Please add your payment details. We will have options for certain packages to pay via direct debit but most will be once off payments which will be paid via card. (Do not add direct debit yet just add your card as direct debit will come into effect when you actually book the package) You can add these details according to the picture below.. NO payment will be taken when you add your card details (Unless you owe a balance from the previous term an automatic deduction will be taken). To give you peace of mind - your card and bank details are never visible on the app. 

6. Once you have set up the account press into family account - child name - packages - purchase (pick day/ time of class) - go to classes and book your child in for each individual class for the full term.