Aimée Fitzpatrick has been in the performance industry for 18 years. She has always strived to achieve her goals and has never fallen short.

Aimée has endless skills in all aspects of the performing arts including dance, acting, production & singing.

Her list of achievements is a credit to her hard work and dedication which shines through in every performance that she choreographs.

Aimée is the choreographer to BSD’s 2 Champion Crews Genesis 2.0 & Funky G’s and has provided many opportunities for them to showcase their talents including travelling to the UK and Los Angeles for world class training.

There is nothing that she loves more than to watch students grow and reach their full potential because she believes in every student she teaches.

Aimée herself as a young dancer won the title All Ireland Hip Hop , Poppin & Lockin & Breakdance championships for 3 years in a row. Aimée modelled for NIKE summer collection in their fashion show in 2007 and is no stranger to the camera either, she has performed and played a part in a number of Irish TV Shows like Super Crew, All Ireland Talent Show, Glas Vegas & Kazoo.

Best known from The Late Late Show – Irelands Eurosong “Crashing Down” for Eurovision 2013, Aimée is one of our most dedicated team members here at BSD and we know that her journey to success has only begun and we look forward to see what she will conquer next.

 Aimee is one half of the fantastic choreographer’s who choreographed for the WINNERS of Ireland’s Got Talent 2019.